BIG MO...what others are saying

I remember first hearing the BIG MO song "Gonna Pray Anyway" many years ago. I never dreamed I would ever get to meet the man who wrote that song, much less put it on one of our own albums! What a great guy. His heart is so pure!
I love BIG MO,

BIG MO has been a tremendous blessing to me and many others. He is so talented and anointed. I call it an honor to call BIG MO my friend. His wife Sharon has always been very special to me as well. God bless BIG MO!
                     KAREN PECK

When I think back on the people who have had a big influence on my life, BIG MO is at the top of the list!  I am thankful he never ran from "THE CALL"

Having been a part of gospel music for many years, I have had the opportunity to hear many artists. I was very impressed the first time I heard BIG MO at an afternoon concert at a local high school near Nashville. His love for the Lord was real. A real treat to hear.


(Below is a letter recieved from a special friend in 1993. Since then he has gone on to his reward, and greatly missed.)
Big MO,
What an honor it is for me to tell you that God holds you in high regard. What excites me most about God's blessings on your life is this: As he has poured himself into you...You haven't become a stagnate pool, but a flowing stream whereby others are blessed. I am one of those you've blessed.

(Below is a letter recieved from a special friend. Since then he has gone on to his reward, and greatly missed.)
It has been the privilege of the Blackwood Brothers to record some of your great songs.
It is my prayer that you will have many more years of fruitful ministry for the Lord. We love you!

BIG MO is a wonderful singer and songwriter and great friend who the Mckameys treasure!
     The McKAMEYS

There is no doubt that God has used BIG MO's songwriting, singing and preaching to touch the lives of many. He has touched the GREENES in a very special way.
When we think of BIG MO, we think of a great friend, FAVORED IN HEAVEN, FEARED IN HELL, and NO STRANGER TO THE THRONE OF GRACE.

BIG MO is one of the best songwriters and singers in the business. An amazingly talented man.
Brian Free & Assurance

(Below is a letter recieved from a special friend. Since then he has gone on to his reward, and greatly missed.)
We thank God for BIG MO's commitment to writing, performing and preaching the good news!
I remember the first time I met MO, he was very kind to me and I have never forgotten that. I was impressed with his writing and singing.
Still singing, writing, and preaching as only "BIG MO" can!
Roger Bennet
   Legacy Five

I'll never forget my first taste of BIG MO music. Somehow I got hold of a BIG MO & CHOSEN tape and heard "THE BLOODLINE" What great singing and songwriting. Later we recorded one of his songs "When the Blood was Applied" and that became our first top 40 hit song!
BIG MO has one of the most recognizable voices in all of gospel music. I thank God for the opportunity to know him and his family.

BIG MO has truly been and continues to be a vital part of Southern Gospel Music!
We celebrate his songwriting as well as his musical talent on stage. BIG MO's innate communication skills, as well as his hard work, has allowed him to write and sing songs that have touched more lives than he will ever know.

With several years of gospel music experience, BIG MO is a top notch singer and songwriter. He uses every particle of his monumental talent. The giver of his talent is his expressed motivation.

The writing of BIG MO equals the best in the field. A seasoned professional, he is endowed with abilities beyond normality. He has a dynamic impact on people wherever he appears. A personal friend of whom I am proud.
                Dr. JERRY GOFF