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The Funeral of Jesus is #1 for the month of January 2010 in the
Christian Voice magazine. The song swept the nation and
broke all sales records for the ministry for the CD entitled
BIG MO, "Remember Me" which contains the smash hit.
The second single from the same CD is already in the charts
as well, putting 2 BIG MO singles on the nations charting
system. The Singing News ranked the Funeral of Jesus
at #5 when it peaked in that publication.

Springside Marketing, one of the largest online retailers in gospel music has the new CD from BIG MO entitled "Remember Me" at #2 in it's list of TOP 10 best selling CDs.
New Day Distribution ranks the same BIG MO cd in it's TOP 
20 sales charts nationwide.

BIG MO has not only signed but has started a new recording label called "Near Eternity" productions. The idea for the name is Jeremy's idea, and the label consist of all of BIG MO's recordings as well as some of the artist slated to be produced by BIG MO. "Near Eternity" is the latest label to join the family of labels including, "Desert Rose" Productions, and "Gimmemo Music" productions. Big MO Ministries also operates a publishing company called "Tentop Publishing Co." BMI. Call the office if you need to record 334-693-3091

We are often asked our opinion, concerning current events happening in various churches all across America. Simply put, we are a BIBLE BASED MINISTRY. That means we judge all things according to scripture. In other words, if it can be directly backed by the WORD OF GOD, we believe it. However, if it can't, we reject it completely. And I would advise you to do the same! Not all "manifestations" are from God. And sad to say, but not everything that's being preached and taught is bibically based either. So be very careful, and STUDY THE WORD OF GOD FOR YOURSELF.
To help you better understand our position we suggest the following books that we whole heartedly agree with.

and of course, the book above all books
THE BIBLE.................GOD

Here's a review of the Big MO Remember Me CD done by a radio personality that was extra special to this ministry. Thought you might enjoy it.

the am cafe' review  
Remember Me: CD Review
Filed under: Southern Gospel CD Review, definingwords @ 6:58 pm 

Cafe’ Rating:  (4 out of 4)
The moment I reviewed “The Funeral of Jesus,” I knew this song was destined to make He’s Alive Radio history. It has been years since any single song has generated as much buzz in the way of phone calls and emails. As of this review, it has camped out at #1 on our weekly Southern Gospel chart for four weeks running, and likely won’t be vacating this week. The only way to explain this kind of outpouring is a little word (used less and less frequently in SG music these days)… anointing. 
I double-dog dare you to listen to this song and not feel something. When I interviewed Big Mo and asked him about Funeral, he explained that it was recorded in one take, with no post-edits. It’s as though Heaven smiled on this amazingly written story of what might have happened in the tomb on Resurrection Sunday morning. The result? Shazaam! Holy Ghostbumps the likes of Mt. Rushmore!
A tour of the rest of the CD cemented my opinion of our new-found sensation. The balance of “Remember Me” is also quite unforgettable. The follow-up to Funeral, “Three Days,” is a beautiful ballad reminding the listener of Christ’s intervention in the human debacle. “Forever lost for the sin we had done, sentenced to die and justice held the gun… Three days changed it all.” 
Then, fire up “Bigger the Battle.” Although I’m not prone to playing air-guitar, I’m tempted to get a few licks in with Mo as he sings, “One thing comforts me, God made us a promise, We’ll not go down in defeat, the bigger the battle, the sweeter the victory.”
Also worth spinning, DJ’s, is a song called, “The Gate.” The quintessential story song, Gate tugs heartstrings and delivers a beautiful denouement. “Remember Me” is a heart-felt prayer that retells the thief’s last cry on the cross. The listener can easily identify with the sinner’s humble plea for the mercy of a savior. “I’ll love you forever, like pieces on the ground, scattered all around, Lord please remember me.”
As a DJ, I already have a spot carved out in “the rack” for “Remember Me.” The listeners have excellent recall for anointed projects, and this one has struck gold!