Great concerts don't just happen. Successful concerts are no accident. 
The truth is someone has worked hard to insure the community was well aware of the event long before it happened.
A good promotion includes using everything available in getting the word out to all
all of the area churches and the entire community by utilizing every means possible. 
This includes, but not limited to, posters in high traffic areas in the surrounding towns, newspaper ads, radio spots, and by calling local pastors and making sure they have a personal invitation to attend and bring their people with them.
When asked, most pastors will announce the event, especially if it does not conflict with their own activities. 

Sometimes asking a local group or soloist to open for the featured artist will result in more people attending that love the local singer, especially if they have a following in the area. However if you do this make sure the opening artist just does a few minutes to open so there’s plenty of time for the featured artist to fully present their ministry!
When it comes to financing the event, often promoters will sell ads for free booklets that are given out free to all who attend the concert. This promotes the business that has the ad, and helps finance the concert as well.
Churches often have a budget set aside to cover the expenses of the artist, or they will prepare ahead of time by taking offerings in advance so there is no strain on the audience the night of the concert event. This brings great confidence and relief for the church to be prepared ahead of time to make sure the artist is well taken care of.
If you are planning the event at your local church, make sure and announce the concert often! In fact, announcing it at every service is a sure way to make sure people do not forget about the event. Also placing a printed flyer in the bulletin is a great way to make sure the people know you are excited about the event, and the excitement will build as the event approaches.
Make sure you visit the "DOWNLOAD POSTERS" page as well as the "BIO" on this website to utilize all of the materials made available to help you promote the concert!
We look forward to a great night of lifting up Jesus in song together with you soon!