With more than 100 years of combined ministry under their collective belts, 3 men came together to form a gospel group with one dynamic & powerful sound…CHOSEN REVIVAL!

MILTON OSTRANDER (Fondly known as BIG MO)…
MO is a singer songwriter of prolific status. He founded the original Chosen in 1983. After years of solo ministry, he has reformed the group with a couple of friends. With the rebirth of CHOSEN it seemed logical to name the group CHOSEN REVIVAL. With over 45 years of full time ministry to his credit Big MO has topped the charts as both an artist and writer countless times. His songs have been recorded by most every major gospel artist in the business, including The Gaither Homecoming series, Jason Crabb, Gold City, Triumphant Quartet, Brian Free & Assurance, The Perrys, The Bowlings, The Blackwood Brothers, The McKameys, The Dixie Echoes, The Nelons,
J D Sumner, and many, many more. With several #1 songs to his credit and many Top 40 hits, he’s also the winner of Soloist of the year, Musician of the year, Songwriter of the year and several other accolades. Combine all this with 45 plus years in gospel Music, Big MO is vital part of this group.

CRAIG PIPPIN…Craig is another gospel music singer and songwriter with a rich history in gospel music.
Craig sang with the hall of fame members, The Dixie Echoes and has many years of southern gospel music history to his credit. He’s recognized as a great songwriter and has also enjoyed chart success with his compositions over the years. Many major artist have recorded his songs including Karen Peck & New River, The Anchormen, The Kingsmen, The McKameys, and the Dixie Echoes. Known for his powerful vocals, Craig is respected as one of the best lead singers in the business today. He can render a powerful vocal that will astound the listener, yet sing a heart tugging ballad as well as anyone can. 
Craig is a singer, songwriter & musician and brings pure talent combined with an anointing that adds so much to the group. He is a tremendous asset to CHOSEN REVIVAL.

MICHAEL SENN…Michael was raised in gospel music, in fact he was on his first recording at only 8 years old. Riding a bus traveling with his family, he was literally raised in gospel music. 
Michael is one of the most powerful and yet smoothest tenors you’re likely to ever hear. He’s also known as a songwriter and has several songs to his credit. He has co-written with Big MO. His songs have been recorded by legendary groups like the Blackwood Brothers and more. 
After pastoring and evangelizing for many years, Mike has the ability to communicate to the listener the message of hope as very few can. One of the finest musicians to ever come along, 
Mike is a super talented singer, songwriter & musician and big part of the group.

JEREMY OSTRANDER...Jeremy was born with rhythm in his bones. He started playing drums at a very early age. Traveling with his family since he was only 2 weeks old, he was born into ministry and has been in the ministry all of his life. Just like the other 3 members of this group, Jeremy is also a preacher of the gospel. 
He plays percussion on stage with the group, and has co-written songs with his Dad (Big MO) as well as co-writing with Mike Payne (writer of "When He Was on the Cross"). At one time he was nominated for christian comedian of the year, but now focuses more on ministry. He is a tremendous addition to Chosen Revival.

The guys most often travel with their wives who are not only staunch supporters, but help tremendously with the day to day business of the group. From running the product table, to product management to routing trips and scheduling concerts the ladies of the ministry are a major part. Combine all this talent and you produce a sound seldom equaled. A concert with this amazing group will leave the listener encouraged and uplifted.

There is little doubt that after the concert is over, you very well may hear people say, “I was overwhelmed by the talent, renewed by the music, enthralled by the professionalism, touched by the songs, but most of all impressed by the touch of God that rests upon this powerful group.” 
There is no doubt, the hand of God is on CHOSEN REVIVAL!

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